Street is no place for babies !

Zahra is fourteen months old. She has just arrived in Brussels from Somalia after two months on the road with her mother, her older brother who is 4, and her older sister who is 6.

They want to ask for asylum in Belgium. But the offices are already closed and the beds in the emergency shelters are all already taken. So her mother does what she can. She spreads a blanket on the ground under a tree, in a car park. She will stay awake as she reassures the two older children, rocks baby Zahra and keeps an eye on the occasional passersby…

Help us keep families like Zahra’s safe! Their numbers are increasing, and winter is around the corner.

Please donate to our hotel fund “Hotel Solidaire”. Account number (to Cuistots Solidaires asbl) BE25523081218882, please specify “Hotel solidaire”.

60 EUR can pay for a safe night for a family in a room at one of our solidarity hotels.

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